Friday, January 13, 2012

Discover Norwex Meeting - Greenville Notes

The meeting began with Stacy Sova explaining her background to the group. She worked in the "field" like us for another company and has INVALUABLE experience to share with us. She did mention she will be back to have another meeting possibly in the fall, so keep posted and BE SURE to attend!!!! Here are some of the items she mentioned at the meeting:

 - At parties, you don't have to be a scientist and have data memorized, simply ask your hostess for the bottles of cleaner she uses in her home, read the labels and then simply show the guests what you have to offer instead! It's VERY eye opening when you read the labels, the hazards and how to PROPERLY use the products.

- Up in Michigan, there are some consultants that are actually Dow Chemical employees and they DON'T use their products! The Swiffer Mop solution is actually 1 ingredient away from arsenic! And we're using that to CLEAN?? Babies and pets crawling around on it and licking their paws/fingers? No WAY!!!

-Norwex is a company of integrity. If there is ANY question or possible violations, they are quick to make things right. With the printing of the US catalogs, they had 200,000 printed up and ready to send out, but when they went for approval, they US halted their claim to picking up 99.9% of germs and required them to rewrite the catalog until testing in the US confirms that. When that testing is completed, those 200,000 catalogs will be released. That was a HUGE expense to Norwex, but they would have it no other way than to be in compliance! What an honest, integrity-filled company!

-January 23rd, there will be some exciting announcements: New Incentives, the next trip incentive and how to attend conference for less!

-FRANK List - Make this living, breathing list! 20 names in each category: Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids Friends

-Touch your business every day. Make 5 customer care calls if nothing else!

-Instructions on toilet bowl cleaner: empty toilet, use 6 oz, that means that 4 toilets and it's gone...the entire bottle is equivalent to 10 2 Liter bottles of Coke going down into your plumbing!

-Words tell...Stories Sell

-Booking Seeds scattered through your party: beginning, middle, end and check out.

- Use the party cards, they'll keep you on track and help you spread those seeds.


- Reminder calls need to be made. If the hostess won't make them, offer to do it for her. Mention on the phone to bring a friend and get a free gift and if they'd like to come early with a leather item that needs to be shined up, you'll do that for her!

- Catalogs are distracting, so at the beginning of the party, pass out wish lists. At the end pass out the catalogs, and say they can circle the items on their wish list they will be purchasing tonight, and you'll take care of the order form. Mention, I see your wish list is bigger than your checkbook, I think you'd really enjoy hosting your own party and getting the rest of this for the best price there is...FREE!!!

- Handling the guest that needs to leave first, say if anyone needs to get going fast, be sure to see me as soon as possible. When you get your wish list finished up, set it by me and I'll grab from the bottom and call you as I get to you.

- Think of recruiting as sharing a gift. If someone took all your Norwex away from you and said you couldn't order it at 35% off anymore, you'd be mad, right? Well, who are you to deny that gift to anyone else?

- Try to hand out 3 Info Packets at each party. In each packet include the Success Builder, Catalog and Fresh Start Flyer. A note in there with a tea bag or hot chocolate packet saying, "Sit down with a nice cup of tea and read through this information and make a list of questions for me. I'll follow up with you in a few days!"

- Be sure your presentation isn't too long, and more time can be spent one on one with the customer to answer their specific questions and needs. At the end of the presentation, "I want to be sure to give you each the individualized attention you deserve, so be sure to take a minute to meet with me. I will be going through the following  3 items: 1) What items you can add to maximize your order (either by combining them into a collection or adding certain things that will make them work better. 2) If you would like one of my available dates to host your own party and earning free products. 3) If you like to take home an Information packet.

- The 2012 theme is "Building a Legacy"

If you have any questions, please contact me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Discover Norwex Meeting Thursday Night!

Come! Bring a guest or two or three! This is a Norwex-Sponsored Event at 7pm at The Courtyard by Marriott 115 The Parkway. It will be GREAT! Make it a priority to attend. If you are on my team and would like to help out with registration, arrive at 6pm and get some special one on one time with our team and Stacy Sova!

December Recognitions are as follows:
Highest Sales: Danna Briggs! Congrats, Danna. She worked so hard and qualified for her free kit within 55 days! Wow!!!

Do you need a little motivation to get 2012 off to an excellent start? Here are some tips for you!
1) Make customer care calls to you past hostesses and guest.
2) Follow up with all the people that said they'd have a party...after the holidays.
3) Sign up for booths at consignment sales, Home & Garden Shows and Health Fairs.
4) Host another Kick Off Party! Surely you have some friends and family that have been interested in this whole "Norwex Thing" and are warming up to the idea of switching.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Promotion Ideas

Do you want to promote your business this Holiday Season? Here are a few ideas:

Now through Dec 20th: Holiday Shopping Open House
Now through Dec 20th: End of the Year Inventory Reduction Sale
Dec 21st - 24: Last minute Christmas Shopping Store
Dec 25 - Dec 30: After Christmas Sale
Jan 1st: Start the NEW YEAR with a "Green, Clean, Healthy Home Cleaning-Machine Party"!!

Offer incentives if you'd like. Some ideas are: free shipping, a percentage off, or a week trial of the Basic Set!

Happy Holiday's!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Congratulations to Allen Wright for having the highest sales in November: $1,669.33! Congrats!!!

DECEMBER IS THE TIME TO PLACE ORDERS!!! We get 40% commission on parties this month, so be sure to submit your orders under a booking to get the most for your money!

REMEMBER: Don't go out to the crowded stores to go shopping this holiday ARE the store! Basic packs, Laundry Detergent, Hand Cream, Tea Towel Sets, Car Cloths, ect...don't forget the kids mop and cloth set even for the little ones on your list! Don't forget to give a little Norwex something to your kids' teachers, mailmen/women, hairdressers, ect...

Congrats to Norma Hussey, Allen Wright, Danna Briggs, Phyllis Blackwell, Rachel Baxter and Laura Church for getting out there and doing booths in November! What a GREAT way to start introducing your business to the area and making new contacts! Way to go, team! Keep up the good work and soon, we'll have the entire Upstate using Norwex and helping us make the world a better, healthier, cleaner place!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Recognitions

Please help me in Congratulating
Rachel Baxter for Top Sales in October &
Brandi Smith for Top Recruiter in October!
Great job, you two, keep it up!!!

I am still waiting to hear from you ladies as to if you're interested in doing the UMC event. I think it will be VERY Successful and it's only $30!!!!

Also, this coming March, there will be an event at the TD Center called Spice of Life. It's a little pricey, but our target audience will be there! The show is all about natural living, green living and health...If I could get at least 3 consultants to agree to do it with me, the price would be under $100 each. So check your calendar for March 17 & 18 and let me know!

Keep up the EXCELLENT work! I'm so proud of our growing team!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Fairs you can participate in. Check your calendar!

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Rachel Baxter & Phyllis Blackwell for selling $250 in products in October and earning their Free Before/After books! Awesome job you two!

I have on my radar a few craft fairs and wanted to put it out there if anyone want to get involved in them:

Tues, Nov 15th Disciples UMC is hosting a vendor event and tables are $30. The event is from 6-9pm. I'm happy to borrow items to help with the booth, however, I will be out of town and can not do it. Contact me ASAP if you'd like to get the application!

Sat, Nov 19th Anderson Arts Center is hosting a Holiday Market, tables are $50. I will be doing this one, and anyone that wants to join me and split the cost is welcome to do so! The time is from 10-5.

Thurs, Dec 1st at the TD Center there is a HUGE CRAFT FAIR!!!! I have a booth on Thurs and you're welcome to come and work it with me and hand out YOUR name! NO COST TO YOU! I'm providing this day as an opportunity for you to get your name out there! Everyone will give their customers their own information. I will be doing a drawing at the end of the day and we'll ask each person that enters the drawing to write the name of the consultant THEY talked to on the form so that after the day is over, you get their information to take home with you. You can then add them to your Newsletter and hopefully turn them into a Norwex customer or hostess or consultant!!!!


Today is the last day to participate in the November Booking Blitz! BE SURE to e-mail me the bookings you've added since last Thurs and qualify yourself for some FREE products and information books! Simply e-mail me by midnight tonight with the booking date, hostess name and how you got that booking! If you don't do this, you CAN NOT get the prizes!!!

Finally, I want to encourage each of you that you're doing GREAT!!! Honestly. We have a HUGE battle here in SC, because we are the PIONEERS!!! That means we don't have the name recognition like Pampered Chef and Mary Kay...but we WILL! I promise you! The more we grow, the more we are at craft fairs, the more parties we have...the more people will say, "Oh! Norwex...I've heard really good things about that company!" Keep up the EXCELLENT work, join me at the craft fairs if you can and call me with ANY questions you have!

"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work WORTH doing." --Theodore Roosevelt

Norwex is work worth doing! We're making the world a better place one customer at a time!

Monday, October 31, 2011

October Incentive Update

Congratulations to Amy Beasley, Danna Briggs, Linsey Nesbit and Norma Hussey for qulifying for their FREE Before/After books!
There are still 24 hours left to get your orders in and qualify for your book!
All you have to do is place $250 in Subtotal A sales before noon on Tueday! These orders can be Holiday shopping gifts, orders, or just more products for your demonstrations or home use!

Have a SAFE and Happy Halloween!

Don't forget the November Booking Blitz is on, too and you can earn more Before/After books orThe New Product Guide AND a shopping spree! Congratulations to Danna Briggs for booking her first November party and earning the $10 shopping spree. Keep it up, more free stuff will be coming your way!

To qualify, book a party, book a craft/trade show or book your own party! E-mail me with the hostess name and booking date. You will receive your shopping spree after the party and the books right away.